Low unemployment rates and a strong economy have set the perfect foundation for investor optimism to reach a record high. Slack, Airbnb and Lyft could all go public within the coming year. And above them all, a lagging but still promising Uber is among the most anticipated public offerings ever.

The ride-hailing company‘s last valuation had it sitting pretty at $70 billion – but more updated estimates could land it comfortably above $100 billion. Not even the $1.07 billion in losses during the last quarter have led to enthusiasm for its IPO to cool down. A rumored valuation of $120 billion for its public offering could have it easily dethrone current titleholder Alibaba by just putting a fraction of its shares up for grabs.


Uber‘s $120 billion would blow all of the aforementioned companies pout of the water. Airbnb currently boasts a $31 billion valuation, while Lyft and Slack are pegged at $15 and $7 billion, respectively.