It seems that there is a lot of talk circling about Artificial Intelligence (or “AI”) in the news today. Some of it is warranted and some of it not. It is a hot issue in the world of technology. Business may be keen on having it come fully into their world. Business can be keen on the benefits of making their work effective, consistent and profitable.

Among the key costs of business is labor. It is the most expensive part of a business, whatever the business. Being able to assemble a work team is fraught with issues from getting the “right” people to training to keeping them all happy. It is a never-ending issue and needs constant attention. Any relief can be a welcome sight in making this less of an issue.

AI may become a tool to lessen this burden. We see it now being considered in the “fast food” business. McDonald’s is looking at their drive through part of the business with an eye on the benefits. They are unloading a large amount of money for AI to use in your ordering at the drive through window. Now the pimply faced youngster may have less to do in this part of the business. For many young folks this is their first entry into the work world. The myriad of labor regulations, training and minimum wage laws may have indeed led the “golden arches” to seek alternative. Changes are coming.

The world of job recruiting can see a mountain of applicants for any job opening. Advertisements, with the help of internet postings, casts a very wide net. These ads can see the volume of applications grow substantially. In a job that is not too specialized, this can attract some very interesting applicants. Some underqualified and some overqualified applying any advertised opening. This will make the task of first culling of applicants rather daunting. The use of AI can make this task quicker, but judgement steps into the next phase quickly. This can make the task seem easier.

Two of the key attributes which makes AI shine are repetitive tasks and a large volume in the data base. Outside of those attributes, AI is not nearly as effective and perhaps not worth the expense. AI task selection can take interesting aspects of a job out of the equation though. Picking the right application for AI can itself be a delicate task.

Whether utilizing robots or AI there are some ingenious applications of technology being seen daily it seems. It evens seems entertaining.