Graphene is emerging as a form of “miracle substance”. It is being talked about in everything from cell phones to airplane wings and now fabrics. It seems there is nothing it can’t do.

The attributes of graphene include that it is ultrathin, pliable and conductive. Graphene, also stores energy and, as a result, new uses for graphene emerge every day. A graphene battery is being developed for cell phones and may hit the market in the next year.

Beyond those recently identified uses, graphene proves to be even resistant to mosquitos. Spring and summer activities have found a new friend in this annoying battle. Certainly a welcome attribute. Now the incorporation of graphene does not eliminate the problem of bites completely, but it would drastically reduce the area on our bodies that are susceptible to mosquito bites. Score another one to graphene.

A jacket is now being offered called the Vollebak Graphene Jacket 1. The fabric which incorporates graphene into the material is another step forward. This jacket now is being manufactured and sold by Vollebak in limited quantities. The fabric conducts heat, cold and resists bacteria causing odor. As a result winter or summer clothing have a few new exciting options. Currently the jacket sells for roughly $695 USD. Pricey indeed, but prices over time will likely come down.

Recently, the development of a graphene fabric has been hindered by high production costs, but scientists in Melbourne, Australia, have developed a cost-efficient, and scalable, method for rapidly fabricating textiles with a graphene ink. This accomplishment would enable production of a fabric with graphene superconductors that can be embedded as energy storage devices. This advancement makes for a whole suite of possibilities. Imagine a shirt that has solar cells that powers your phone or stores your data? The possibilities are vast.

The incorporation of Graphene is happening rapidly in so many unexpected ways and it surely will affect us quickly.