At least 14% of Americans disclosed that they use cannabidiol products. CBD products have proliferated widely since the famed Farm Bill passed in 2018, effectively legalizing cannabis in hemp form at a federal level. 

West-based and younger Americans are the most prone to revealing their use. CBD products are marketed as having a litany of therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects that come with the other main cannabinoid fund in marijuana – THC.

The FDA is still researching the recently-legalized CBD. Meanwhile, its use is still restricted in several states. The Gallup-led survey that showed the aforementioned number of users also found that 50% of U.S. adults don’t consume it in any form, and 35% of them have no familiarity with them. 

Out of adults under 30 that know about products that contain CBD, 20% declared they consume or have consumed them. However, knowledge of the product segment and usage decrease as the surveyed population´s age increases. 

Only 8% of people 65 years old and up said they consume CBD, and 49% of them have no knowledge of them. This pattern is also seen in a previous Gallup study about marijuana use.  

Out of the declared users, 40% of them cite pain relief-oriented usage, 20% use it as anxiety treatment, 11% treat insomnia with it and 8% use it to relieve arthritis sypmtoms.